Weekly Recap #1

It’s decided. I am starting to write down every week my weekly recaps, I don’t know if every week will be as good as the one I am starting with but at least I am trying to staying busy and interested in exploring everything.

Right now is the middle of February, so I can easily rethink all my new year’s resolutions and create a more realistic plan for the next year. This year I will be hopefully writing my Bachelor-Thesis, going surfing and do some dope traveling around the world but let’s just not get ahead of myself, at least I am gonna try.

Health Issue

I was so used to drink my wine after coming home from work. We could easily finish a bottle on a good evening or sometimes two bottles on a bad one. It was never a getting drunk kind of drinking, just talking and enjoying a good bottle. Anyway, I decided it’s time to stop it. So, for now, I am drinking only once on working days. Sometimes it’s while meeting with my friend on our weekly dinner or sometimes it’s just me, some cheese and a glass but I my imagination got me believing that I feel better already.

The thing about sport is still in baby shoes. I can feel the colds still holding on to me and don’t wanna risk missing a lot of working days that’s way my fitness studio was unfortunately left behind for that week.


Beer Dinner at Fiedler & Fuchs

Everyone in the world probably knows that Germany is the beer country. Well if Germany is the beer country than Munich would be its capital. We have the “Oktoberfest” and the Strong Beer festival and the best beers I’ve tasted. That’s why this week turned out to be quite a packed one with beer tastings.

On Thursday at the Austrian/German restaurant called “Fiedler & Fuchs” was a small prepared menu for every person with was accommodated by different beers. There were five courses and each one was in a perfect harmony with the crafted beers. I think one of the highlights were the slow cooked beef ribs in one of those beers. It was delicious. I did not only got my stomach totally full but it was definitely interesting hearing from the owners of the brewery how they decide on the taste. One of my favorite beers after that night became a sweet beer called „In your face“ by Crew Republic.


Beer Tasting

What a coincident that exactly the same week as the dinner there also was the German beer fear in Munich. For 20 € entrance, one gets 5 tastings that you can choose from all different breweries. Of course, since all the beers have the size of 0,1 l five Is not enough. I think at the end of the evening I had an overload of craft beer and felt a little dizzy.

One of my new favorites is craft beer with the taste of fruits. At first, it’s a little herb but then it’s a perfect sweet combination of beer flowing thru your mouth. The beer is called “Framboise” and it is from the brewery Heidenpeters from Berlin. If you have the possibility you definitely should try it out.

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