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Champagne in Copenhagen

Arriving in Copenhagen is like arriving into another world. No skyscrapers, but beautiful buildings, channels, bricks and nice looking people driving on bicycles. Everyone is smiling and everyone is smiling at me. First I thought there might be something wrong with me. After that, I knew there was something wrong with me because I felt disorientated with all that happy faces looking in my direction. If (for example) you dare to smile at someone in Russia, you usually get a „fuck off“ in return and in Germany – well – nobody smiles here :). So, here I am, in this beautiful fairytale called Copenhagen on a New Year’s Eve, with nice people surrounding me, could it get any better?
I was staying at the Avenue Hotel which was perfect. Quite central, everything is reachable within walking distance and it was simply awesome. After checking out my enormously big room, preparing for a night out in the city, I was invited for bubbles at the Hotel lounge. Turns out, Avenue Hotel wants to get to know its visitors and to have something special to offer them. That’s why every day, there is a so-called wine hour. Every guest has the possibility to take a sit on the cool sofa and taste some wine, which they carefully select. Science it was New Year’s Eve I got bubbles and I got a lot of them…

 Coffe Guide Copenhagen, Visit Copenhagen. Copenhagen city guide,

A little shaky on my feet we walked to the place where we got our reservation. To go there on that day was a great idea. We went to Nørrebro Bryghus which was a small brewery of a delicious collection of craft beers. That evening they offered a menu of mouthwatering dishes which were accommodated by different beers. I could tell you all about our 7 courses and their taste but I don’t want to bore you with that details. All I’d like to say is, that with every course we got a new beer to taste with and it was tasty as hell.  So of course after all that food and all that beer, I reached that kind of state when I just wanted to get out and feel the energy of the new year arriving.
Small fireworks started already around 10 pm and got bigger the later it became. Walking around the moving city with all the danish people partying, dancing and kissing were amazing. We got in such a rush, that we even found a small shop, which was open (this is a rarity in Copenhagen) and bought another bottle of Champagne. This one was meant to enjoy at the river while watching the fireworks. Everyone was down at there and every bridge had its own music box, where DJ’s were making some kind of open air. New Year’s eve continued after that as usual in a beautiful blur made out of glitter, confetti, and Champagne.
The Next day I woke up freshly hungovered.  I was blessed with an amazing organic breakfast. Vegetable smoothies, freshly made croissants, and some good granola made me feel alive again. Thank God to that! I have to admit, I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to make a bike tour on the 1st of January but I just couldn’t resist. The city showed itself from its beautiful side. It was sleepy, silent and empty. I could go to Newhaven ( which I truly recommend) without being stormed over by a crowd of busy tourists with their cameras and iPhones. The only disadvantage was that simply everything was closed that day. It was really hard to find a place to eat at or even to get a nice coffee at, but after all I orbited the city a few times and knew its all ups and downs. Also, you can get a pretty decent coffee at the „Espresso House“ even though it’s a commercial coffee chain in Scandinavia. In the evening we happened to walk into a fusion Korean restaurant which was simply exquisite. I couldn’t eat a lot, because of my still present hungover but the octopus and the“Chinese hotdog “ were crazy!
The next day started again with a freshly perfect breakfast at the Avenue Hotel and with all that new energy we started looking for a coffee spot – or as some of my friends call it – Veronicas Hipster obsession. First, we stopped at one of the „coffee collective“ places. It was definitely worth it. The „flat white“ was as perfect as it could be and all the pretty people sitting around were nice as they should be. The place was not packed yet and the baristas were really nice talking to me about coffee and different coffee beans of their shop. Unfortunately, my Hipster obsession stopped right there because the weather was perfect to visit Christiania, what we did. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures there, that’s why I can only draw a picture for you by words. We came there with thoughts about freedom, music, and kind of a 70s kind of spirit. Unfortunately most of what I saw there were broken people, with heavy drug use, alcohol, and poverty. I was completely disappointed and would not recommend it as a „must see “ place in Copenhagen.
We also went to the „Castellett“ which is an old stronghold in the north of Copenhagen. You can visit the little mermaid there, which was absolutely my favorite character from Anderson’s fairytales. I remember my mom being called into kindergarten because I told everyone how the beautiful mermaid sacrificed herself for love by turning into foam. I thought it was romantic – my kindergarten teacher thought it was inappropriate.
Unfortunately, I only had those two days to visit the city but I can say that it’s absolutely amazing. Like you are walking in one of those stories you always read in books, magical, romantic and old. I can’t wait to come back there in summer!

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