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Swissotel: Where to stay in Zurich

Zurich ist not the biggest city I’ve been to, but it’s definitely a quite long one. To explore the city, there are a lot of possibilities. A few of my recommendations you can find here. One of the most important things is to find the perfect Hotel while staying in this beautiful city.  Swissotel Zurich is the best choice for that matter and here’s why.

I fell in love with the Hotel the moment I came in that beautiful Lobby. The Receptionist gave me her biggest smile and it already somehow felt like coming home. The Lobby is decorated like a piece of art. Beautiful Lamps, a corner with magazines and book to read, sofas and carpets bringing together a beautiful harmony of different shadows of brown and blue.

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I. Location

The Swissotel is only two stops away from the Central station, which is the perfect beginning for a tour of the city. In summer you can easily go by bike and reach everything in just about 10 minutes. My personal favorite part of the city, which is the Viaduct, is even closer than the main station, making it only one stop away. There is a small shopping center in front of the Hotel and a few possibilities to shop, get drinks and food. Also, you have a Starbucks in the Lobby, which was quite a nice extra on the way out of the Hotel. the best way to start a city tour – is to start it while holding a cup of coffee.

II. The Rooms

I’ve got a beautiful room on the 9th floor. I loved the sweet preparation of the bad, the swiss chocolate and the bright light coming through the windows. You can always order room service or order at the bar and take it up to the room. There is also a small minibar and the possibility to make coffee and tea on your own. The soaps and shampoos are sweet and carefully prepared for everyone’s arrival. Slipping into the white bathrobe and falling down on the soft bed is the perfect way to chill after walking 35 km, like I did.

III. The Breakfast

I traveled a lot and yet I can easily say that there was no better breakfast than I experienced at the Swissotel. The beautiful „Le Muh“ Restaurant transforms in the morning into a great and generous buffet. Fish, roast beef, eggs, all kind of cheese, jams, ham and the list could continue for ages. Every product is fresh and absolutely delicious. Besides great coffee and the beautifully arranged Buffet, you can also order all kinds of egg dishes a la cart. I only ordered the „egg benedict“ since it’s my favorite dish, but it was definitely to die for. Also, you can easily find yourself starting the day with a glass of bubbles since they are waiting at the bar, same as juices and smoothies.

The Restaurant is a very hip place. Wooden floors, designed assessors and huge windows letting you have a pick at the world outside the restaurant.

IV.  The Spa

– Above the roofs and beyond – this is probably the slogan I would use to describe the beautiful view while making my rounds at the swimming pool. I loved starting the day with a small gym session and afterward to relax a little in the jacuzzi or the sauna. Having a big advantage to have a wellness/spa area in the hotel is maybe making you wanna stay there all day long. At least I could stay in that jacuzzi watching the city from up for a very long time 🙂

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