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How I raved on snow ..

This year is coming to an end and lucky for me it opened up for me new possibilities and travel plans all over Europe. I am full of new energy and ideas for the future and the next year but until then I have a few more things I want to share with you.

Together with Boris, I was invited by Bench to visit the Festival called “ Rave on Snow“ in Austria and it was one of the most exciting trips I took this year. Only a three hours ride by car from Munich we arrived at the fairytale town, surrounded my the alps called Saalbach.

The Hotel live at Saalbacher hof got me. The breakfast, the whirlpool, the beautifully decorated library and the Location were perfect. There was no party we missed, no feeling us didn’t catch, I was definitely in my own shoes and so blessed to be there.  By the time we went to the backstage are of the open Air Stage nothing could stop us and we definitely felt like we were one with the music – and infinite.


After this crazy weekend, still being in the beautiful Alps we decided to go a little „wild“ and went for a small hiking trip. The weather was perfect, it was cold, not windy and fresh. You can get all the looks now online :

For The Girls: 
Green wind protected jacket with a Parca look here
Black hat with a sweet pompon here
White blouse witha transparent back here
Lila Ski Jacket wind protected here

For the Guys:
Green Skijacket here
Black Ski trouthes here
Warm dark pullower here
Grey Cap here


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