Berlin stories: About how a girl became a waitress …

Two months already past since I moved to big B. Juju and I decided, that it was time for us to move into our own flat and that’s why we desperately were searching for a nice fit. Meanwhile, my internship flourished. I did a lot of work on my own. I filmed, I edited, I organized. It was pretty exciting. Just as long as I was alone in my office because as soon as I was meeting people, who were working for the german television, I felt like shooting myself slowly into the head, missing and then shooting again.

Besides the obvious things like shallowness, they also said things like „this is not sexy enough“ or „we know we are the bohemian elite …“. As soon as I heard this words flying towards my ears, while drinking coffee on a break, I almost throw up on the guacamole bagel that was in front of my so charming lunch partner. That moment, I understood I needed something else. Maybe only once a week to see regular people talk normally to each other and the possibility of getting a  little bit more money wasn‘t that bad after all.

Since I worked for several years in the trendiest bar in Cologne, ( A lot of stories there as well but another time) I knew I wanted to be a waitress again. It was easy money, the people were true and most of the time it was a lot of fun getting drunk during after hours. I thought about applying somewhere but decided to wait. I would prefer to spontaneously walk into a place, instantly liking it, asking if they needed someone and of course getting then the job.


I haven’t been home yet since I moved to Berlin, that‘s why I was desperately craving for Russian food. I read about this awesome Russian restaurant, where they serve you the most delicious brunch. I took my „boyfriend to be“ ( let’s call him Mike) by the hand and we went on a sunny Sunday morning to that legendary place. I have to admit, Mr. Google didn‘t lie. The food was brilliant, all of my hearts desires were accomplished. While drinking coffee and eating my with caviar filled egg I looked up and got it.

„I‘m gonna ask if they need someone here“

I said and smiled. I was so sure of what I was doing. I could feel it. I could feel me being directed to ask. So I stood up, a little shy but sure and went to the bar. The older man, obviously Jewish, looked at me as if he knew why I was coming. I put on my nice girl voice and asked for a job. The man turned out to be one of the owners and a really nice person, so it seemed. I gave him my number and he promised me that someone would call me.


After two days my phone rang. The first call came from the owner. He asked me if I was fine with working in another restaurant, it turned out they had 3 of them. I didn‘t care for that. One day later my phone rang again. The second call came from a woman. She was talking german, I wondered how she survived in a Russian restaurant but actually didn‘t cared for it either.

One week later I arrived a little too early in the restaurant. Normally I am very late so I tried not to show my worst site yet. A girl just finished her shift. She was beautiful in a very special way. She was height, but not too much, thin, huge eyes, high cheek bones. I could tell she was Russian. I just said I was waiting for someone and sat down at a table, to absorb the local. The girl acted very coolly. A little too cool, for my taste. She turned up a Russian song and let herself fall into the corner of the bank, with her mobile phone not leaving her hand. She sang along the song moving her head to the beat. I also knew the lyrics but I was only there to watch.


A guy appeared from the other end of the restaurant. He was not very big, bold and obviously not Russian. He was lifting some bottles. „At least say thank you princess“ he throws down the bottles, took a beer coaster and throw it into the direction of the girl. She stood up, made a smooth walk with her long legs ( she was bigger ) and threw her arms around him. „Isn’t my love thanks enough“.  They both laughed and another character appeared in the restaurant.

„You can cuddle in your free time, “ she said, with a smile but still a little strict. I knew this was the woman talking to me on the phone.

Her eyes instantly caught mine and she came up to me with the words „ you must be Veronika“. I smiled politely and turned on the nicest version of myself I had. She talked very fast and hectic. She showed me around and the word started.

The tryout was hard. The service had to do the dishwashing themselves. Since I have a huge ick factor for that , it was even harder for me. The guests were strange, kind of unfriendly. The plates were heavy and hot. The temperature in the restaurant was unexcitable hot. The kitchen was downstairs, so we had to run a lot of stairs every time the kitchen finished the dishes. At the end, I felt like I finished a triathlon but all in one – I loved it. It brought me back to live. Away from this strange world, the tv people were living in.


The next day, the woman called me and said that they would be happy if I started working there. I was so glad to hear that, that I opened a bottle of beer and sat on Jujus balcony celebrating with myself, my new job. I thought maybe that cool girl could be my first new friend in the city …in the end, she wasn’t but some other became the best I still have.


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