A few things to see in Barcelona

Of course visiting Barcelona, you should have more than two days to explore the city but since it was my 5th visit there I only stayed for two days. Anyway Barcelona same as Berlin, is always a good idea to go to. It has this special atmosphere full of culture and art surrounding you. The people are crazy friendly, a little rough but most of the time pretty cool.

I decided to stay a little outside the city to have my own place to go to that is a little out of the busy city life. But there are a lot of nice hotels in the city as well, you just have to know what you want.

The first place I want to recommend is the famous market „Mercado de La Boqueria“. Since I am a badass addict for seafood there is no place better to go to. I think its one of the most popular and most visited places in Barcelona after the Sagrada Familia of course. Its located directly on the famous street „La Rambla“ and actually this market has a long history that goes way back to the year of 1217. Walking the halls I always imagine how people were coming there to trade , buy and sell food, cloth and other stuff.

Sharing a Seafood plate is very satisfying, even thou you probably have to wait a little until you get a „table“ at the bar. But for me its definitely worth it, because the food (especially the fish) is so fresh and delicious.

Since I am sucker for Art and espessially for Gaudi, the second destination is the incredible house „Casa Mila“ also known as „La Pedrera“. I think this house – you can not even call it that way because its a piece of art and not a house – is one of the most amazing things that where build by Gaudi (Sagrada Familia as well- but about that later). If you enjoy the history, the art and the amazing architecture that is behind this building, you should definitely pay this place a visit even thou its maybe a little more expensive than the other houses by Gaudi ( around 20-25 € ).

Something else I want to recommend to you. Since Barcelona is a really, really, really touristic place, there is always a huge line waiting for you in front of the entrances of the different sights. To ovoid that, I bought all the tickets online. You just need to plan a little forward because you have to choose a time limit, when you want to enter the place. After that you are free to go in. For me it is perfect. No lining up. No waiting. Just enjoying your time.

Coffee is always a big topic for me, just as much as seafood. There are a view coffee places you should pay attention to, when you are passing by.

The Nomad Coffee Production has some „bloody good coffee“ – thats also the lining that is covering the paper coffee mugs. With its clean and minimalistic interior, the wooden accents and the bearded barristas it reminded me of my favorite coffee spot in Berlin, probably thats also one of the reasons I loved it so much.

Barcelona Coffee

Onna Coffee is also a place I would recommend. Of course good coffee is something that is implied but also a really cool shabby chic interior design with a very melodic atmosphere. Perfect for a short break to understand all the impressions one just got from this amazing city.

La Sagrada Familia is probablyteh first place everyone is going to while being in Barcelona. But I can easily understand why. Its not only amazing by paper, its breathtaking in life. You enter a world , a garden, a phantasy of flowers, fruits, trees, actually everything growing on our planet and it’s all made out of stone. The impressions you get have no border. I definitely would say that you need to enter because the play of light and the details are even more exiting from the inside.

Park Güell is a really nice park on the top of hill above Barcelona. Besides the amazing view that you discover, this place is a perfect example for building without changing the environment and not spending a huge amount of money. Well, that was the plan anyway. For the beautiful mosaics he used old garbage and a lot of the details, the balconies where made out of, where found on the property itself. I really love that concept, that he just took what he found and designed something that beautiful and organic.

If you go there, I would recommend walking even thou it will probably take you at least one hour because you will pass some really nice neighborhoods and see streets of Barcelona you usually don’t find so easily.


The last recommendation and its probably not a must see but a nice to know. The Magic Fountain is a really cool place to go to, to start your evening. You should take a glass of Champagne and just enjoy the beautiful water play of the Fountain to the sounds of Music. Close to that is the only open air club in Barcelona, called „La Terazza“ – definitely worth a visit if you are into electronic music unter a clear sky.


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