See you next year at Oktoberfest …

This year I did it. After coming back from my big south european trip I was literary thrown back to the mean old world, I was leaving in, before I left for one month. And the mean world surrounding me told me in a very mean and a little angry voice – YOU HAVE TO GO THIS YEAR – . As spontaneous as it was I of course had no Dirndl or anything like that, so I ordered some leather pants from the internet and waited with excitement for them to arrive.

I have to say, I think its the leather that makes the people go nuts for beer because as soon as I put them on I couldn’t stop thinking about when I will finally get a sip of that so called delicious beer. So finally one of my best friends took me by the hand and said we’ll gonna go.

Before I tell you what it was like to drink 4 mass ( thats like 4 liters beer ) I have to explain to you what the Oktoberfest actually looks like. You have to imagine a huge Festival of bavarian food and music and a amusement park, all in one. There are enormously many people, all dressed in the special bavarian traditional clothes. Everybody is almost drunk or drunk as hell, tourists are fighting, girls are crying in the corner and grandpas are singing german songs and dancing on the tables. It is a different world in its own way. But I have to admit, I fell for it ! I fell for it big time.



Since this year there were not as many people as there used to be, we had no problems passing by and getting into the tent we wanted to go to. We spent the evening with a group of mid sixty grandpas dancing swing and boogie around our table. But this was only the beginning. After having told my friend from Berlin about that, she almost immediately booked her trip from Berlin to Munich for the upcoming weekend. So it was time to meet the Oktoberfest again.

After having a food porn experience, eating there, we drank during the day 4 mass, danced on the tables, lost my friends sunglasses and sweater and got home by 9 p.m. I have to say I surprise myself when I say I can’t wait but “ see you next year Oktoberfest“.

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