About not being a „grown up“ yet …

„What about you, where are you working?“ a girl size of Hagrid asked me at a random party I went to last week and is casually taking a sip out of her beer bottle.

„I still study“ i answered and smiled back. At that moment I saw her face changing a tiny little bit. I saw a cocktail of compassion and sadness coming towards me.

„Its my second degree,you know“ I added and saw some relive in her eyes.

Thats one of my almost weekly, even daily situations. While all – really all – of my friends are finished with their degree and working towards their future career I am having a four days week and my university with exams and peppers figuring out what i will do when i will be really really grown up. But why is it so hard for everybody to not feel bad for me? Its not like I have an injure or like i don’t do anything at all. After all thats my choice anyway isn’t it ?

Meanwhile the russian part of my family can’t sleep.
„When are you going to marry?“
„Why have you still not finished university“
„Why does your 7 year old brother has longer relationships than you do ?“ Even thou I get that they are maybe worried at one point and russian, its still not that easy. It never was but 20 years ago, when my parents where my age, they had no other chances.

„Nice! You should think about where to apply for working“ she said and took again a sip of her beer.

„Sure, I do.“ I sad and left the party.

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