About getting up in the morning

The melody of “ treat me like your mother from the dead weather “ is screaming trough my flat and I still can’t move even to put it off. I think almost everybody woke up in my house. The cat woke up. My neighbors woke up. The little girl living in the house next to mine woke up and her turtle living in a beautifully designed aquarium with her woke up. Everybody – but for me.

I am still trying to convince myself that this melody is in my dream and I am dancing wildly at a concert while Jack White is getting down from the stage, picking me up and letting me play drums with him.

„Come on. This is impossible – wake up and shut off this alarm clock!“ The voice cuts trough my dream and brings me back to where I really was. Lying with my feed in two different directions, a pillow under my back and my head on my teddy, which I still have since my 9th birthday. My eyes are barely opening and I secretly want back on stage playing drums.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Figuring out who I am and what I am doing, is not only a task of my life but of my every day’s morning routine. „Holy shit, I have to go to university. And I am late. “

– so I am still in that movie. –

I get up from the bed, get my pants on and let ( most of the time) the shirt on I slept in and instantly leave the house. Arriving at the university I figure out that I don’t have class anyway and that today is Friday and I need to go to work. Oh yes, that’s definitely my movie.

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