About books you need to read during october

October is the beginning of a new year for me. Not because of the jewish new years eve but because of the good old new school years that most started that time of the year. I loved it to buy myself a new school calendar, where I would write my homework and make myself promises that this year everything will be different. Just like every other year it never was.

So this year I decided for myself that i will read more. Not that kind of reading where you open a magazine, thumb throw it and put it aside until its to late and than trow it away.


The real kind of reading. Books. Think and thin, old and new, for children and old people and everything I read i will try to report back to you. So enjoy the first three books. Perfect for rainy october evenings and sundays.

I. The portable Dorothy Parker – by Dorothy Parker
What and amazing collection of short stories. I think I read them all about 5 times but every time I reread one of them I find a new angle , a new detail I missed a new part of truth for myself. It’s full of sad moments , tragic endings and brave behavior of strong woman. I am sure you will enjoy every one of the short stories.


II. Sputnik sweetheart – by Haruki Murakami
An amazing novel by one of my favorite writers of our times. It’s so easy to read and it let lets you into difficult relations ships , love and parallel universes. Once you get involve with this one , I asure you , you will not stop. It’s a short novel , I personally read it on one  evening , so it’s perfect for a snowy night staying at home .



III. The Night Circus – by Erin Morgenstern
Get mesmerized by a beautiful story full of magic and mystery. A girl and a boy raised to fulfill their ultimate magical show are competitors. You will fall in love with pictures and the magic that’s happening in the book. You will travel with the circus and after you finish the book you will find yourself rested and happy.

I hope you enjoy the books and comment later in if you liked them or not anyway a good start into october.

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