5 places you need to visit in Munich

Finally I found some places worth mentioning in my blog. I am sure there are a lot more than that, so I hope this is just the beginning. As I said the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Munich and me. But until than we still try to get our feed on the ground and touch basis.

I. Drink a coffee at the best coffee place in town – Man Versus Mashine

The guys there are always nice and friendly , you get the best coffee and the atmosphere is lovely. I really like just going there , have my flat white, sit around and read some books or journals. Sometimes I even take my laptop with me and work over there. The noise is just right, its not too loud and not too calm, just a perfect mix. Also they got all the good magazines lying around there waiting to be read. Like for example they offer „Kinfolk“ and „Soda“ and a lot more, so you can come empty handed and just dive into what you find.

and of course the coffee „Man versus Mashine“ is definitely the best one in town … so far 🙂

II. Visit the Viktualienmarkt

I know that it’s kind of cliché to go to the Viktualienmarkt because you will be surrounded by all those tourists etc. but meanwhile you also find all the native Munich people there, drinking there „Helles“ after 12 in the morning or eating some fresh „Weißwurst“, which is over there to die for.Normally I wouldn’t liked it, but its just something about that atmosphere. The old town around you, and this feeling of history surrounding you, that makes you feel like you are just in the right place.
Also you have an amazing selection of fresh fruits, vegetables , meat , fish etc. I suppose you can find everything your heart desires there. I especially like the big antipasti variation. I always get stuck there forever and leave a lot of money there 🙂

III. Eat a Ramen at „Takumi“

One day, back in Berlin, a very dear friend of mine took me to try this asian soup/food/noodles called Ramen. I was not sure why he was so psyched about it until I tried it.
One year later, stuck in munich I couldn’t find a decent one until, by accident i found out about Takumi. It’s a restaurant in Schwabing that is quite famous for its very good, very special Ramen. So with my book in my arms and my hopes in my head I went there and tried it. The rest of the story you can imagine.

IV. Have a meal at „Fiedler & Fuchs“

Fiedler and Fuchs has this special charm of no tourists at all and a bunch of old munich people from a party scenes – my generation only heard about. You get in and instantly have a feeling of family. Its crowded , its loud and its delicious
They offer a weekly changing fresh menu besides the regular food they always have ( if you are lucky and the ingredients in the morning got delivered). They also offer a small selection of craft beer, which i personally love. I also love the restaurant from the inside. It has this beautiful wooden tables , big industrial lamps and sometimes a very funny choice of music, which definitely adds to their charm.


V.Have anything at Forholzerforum
Its one of those places where everybody is telling you thats its “ THE SECRET SPOT“ in munich, when there is nothing secret about it. Its as secret as germany is for the usa. But still it is a nice place to be.
It is on the top of the TU so you can basically get hammered over the roofs of munich with a beautiful view of the alps in front of you. Of course I have not seen it so far, because every time I go there its rainy days all over again, but still its pretty nice.

I hope you enjoy and visit all the places and find them as interesting as I did. You can also see places i am visiting on instgram using #silver_in_munich or #silver_on_tour

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